The Dreamline program has longstanding relationships with educators in Morocco. After the devastation of the earthquake we reached out to see what we could do collectively. We have a direct connection to the Ministry of Education as well as to educators on the ground. Here’s what we came up with . . .

  • FUNDRAISING to send Dreamline Kits to Moroccan schools and to support general relief
  • ACTIVITY (1-2 class periods) for creating Build With Morocco Banners that you send to us and that we will send to our contacts in Morocco

Teachers at our 2017 Dreamline conference program in Marrakesh, Morocco. 

Moroccan Dreamline Youth Mentor Ahmed Alolou talks about our connection to each other and the art on his Dream Banner. 



Fundraising resources for your to share with your community - based on Dreamline's direct contacts in Morocco.

We have two fundraising options. Both or GoFundMe campaigns.


This a Go Fund Me set up by Dreamline to collect funds we will use to create and send Dreamline Kits to Moroccan schools. We will work with direct contact and the Ministry of Education through a contact provided for us by longtime Dreamline teacher Marouane ElBaida. 

This is a GoFundMe set up by  Morocco World News. Donations will be transferred to a special fund set up for earthquake relief by the central government of Morocco. Contributing to this government account was recommended to us by Dreamline Youth Mentor Ahmed Alolou. 



1-2 Class Period project to do with students and/or all community members.

This is based off of a  program we did back in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy hit Dreamline school in New Jersey. Participants create banners with messages of hope and encouragement to those who have suffered loss. The connected Banners will be sent by Dreamline to our contacts in Morocco where they will be exhibited in public to inspire and connect. 

Your Completed Build with Morocco Banners have to be mailed to the address below and received by October 31, 2023. 


Dreamline/Cloud Cloth Education
1735 Market Street, Suite __
Philadelphia, PA 19103




  1. Get 1 piece of 8.5×11 in. or 9×12 in. cloth for each participant.
  2. Get markers or other art materials for writing and drawing on cloth. 
  3. Find age/group appropriate resources for teaching some background about both Morocco and the earthquake to your group. 


  1. Start with an overview of the earthquake in Morocco

    What happened? When? Where?  For basic geography of where Morocco a good kid-connected place to start is the Dreamline Gallery.
    It humanizes the place and people. What dreams do kids in Morocco have? There are a some on our site. To use it :
    Go to
    Click Search Filters
    With Countries dropdown select Morocco
    Click on any Banner for detail view and use the map link to view where in Morocco it was made. Example
  2. Brainstorm content for their Building with Morocco Banners.
    Explain that we have a chance to send words of encouragement to those who have suffered loss, especially kids who have lost their schools and everything. Ask students to imagine what they would want to hear. What would help you rebuild?  Give silent writing time and/or discuss.
  3. Create Build with Morocco Banners using words and images. 

    Make sure they vertical, not horizontal. You may wish to have them do a rough draft on paper.  If you need names on the work, have them put it on the back not the front. You can use the template below. 

Banner Template

Follow Up

  1. Encourage students to share what they created with each other.
  2. Put up Building with Morocco Banners in your Classroom or public space. Please include signage that identifies
  3. Take photographs. If you post, use #globaldreamline and/or tag us @globaldreamline
  4. If possible, photo each banner up close and vertically. There may be a future project that uses this. 
  5. BEFORE the last week in October MAIL the banners (separate–not on a line) to us at the address above. We will put ALL of the Banners we receive on a single line before sending to Morocco.