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Dreamline Youth Mentors

Dreamline Youth Mentors Ahmed Alalou, Jade Kline, and Camille Baechler (from Fes, Morocco, the Dallas, Texas region, and the Washington DC area ) are young people who are passionate about dreams and making a difference. Each has participated in Dreamline and in their more than 20 video segments, share their perspectives and experiences as they guide and model Dream Path SEL activities. These videos are from Lesson 1 where they welcome students to Dream Path SEL. 

Lesson Guides and Co-Authors Shannon Kline and Sarah Mendoza

Shannon Kline and Sarah Mendoza are are SEL experts and master educators with years of experience in the classroom and with Dreamline. Their consulting group, SEL Horizons collaborated with Dreamline to create Dream Path SEL. 

Their passion and commitment to transformative education comes through in each Lesson Guide video (one for each lesson), giving tips and examples for how to create the best possible Dream Path SEL experience for your students. 

Jeffrey Harlan – Founding Director

A 30-year veteran educator, Jeffrey Harlan’s deep understanding of children and schools has informed his work creating programming that is supported by, not driven by, technical innovation. To date, Jeffrey’s Dreamline work has directly impacted more than 200,000 students, their teachers, and their communities across 41 countries including 47 states of the US.

Before creating Dreamline, Jeffrey developed curriculum for organizations such as The University of Pennsylvania Annenberg Center for Public Policy, and he created a first-of-its-kind company for online homework and scheduling. 

Jeffrey’s recent speaking engagements include ISTELive 21!, Zoomtopia!, and the 2022 Future of Technology Education Conference.

Creating Dream Path SEL is his dream come true as it can offer the benefits of Dreamline to a wider audience than ever before, creating access to dreams and the skills to pursue them. 

In this video, you can hear Jeffrey talking about how the Dreamline Mobile App works and why dreams matter. 

Educator Advisory Team

Dreamline is a network of more than 800 educators around the world who support this work and have participated in Dreamline. To help Dreamline develop the best curriculum possible, the following educators and thought leaders volunteered their time and talent to guide the process. 

Barbara Bassett
Curator of Education, School and Teacher Programs, Philadelphia Museum of Art 

Melissa Brown
Director of Diversity, Global Education, and Wellbeing, The Holton Arms School

Charesse Ford Ph.D.
(Advisor and Contributor)
Educational Consultant and Certified Diversity Professional

 Joseph Iacona
Manager of Delphi Programs, Division of Education, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Abigail Jones
Writer and Producer, Los Angeles, CA 

Dan Lai
Educational Consultant and former Elementary teacher, The Philadelphia School 

Pat LaMorte
Global Education Solutions Lead, Zoom Video Communications

Mary Pat McFarland
Reading Specialist, Lower Merion School District, PA 

 Joy Waldinger
Art Teacher, School District of Philadelphia 

Hannah Wallace
Former Program Manager, The African American Museum in Philadelphia

Each annual subscription provides unlimited access to all Dream Path SEL digital materials for one Teacher/Leader.
Print copies of Lesson Guide and Student Dreamline Journal available at additional cost.