WORKSHOP or CLASS ACTIVITY: 90-135 minutes



first 30-45 minutes

Presentation Tip: View this page on your phone while you use your computer to project Presentation Slides. 

1-A DREAMLINE INTRODUCTION (10 min.) Slides 1-2

  1. Explain Dreamline is a global project connecting people through shared dreams.
  2. Click map on Slide 1. Explore Dreamline places. 
  1. Show video on Slide 2: WHAT IS DREAMLINE? (3 minutes)
  2. Discuss: What is Dreamline? Why do our dreams matter? What places would you like to learn about other people’s dreams?

1-B DREAMLINE GALLERY (10-25 min.) Slide 3

  1. Use Slide 3 to go to
  2. Explore Dream Banners together using Search Filters and Keyword Search from info on Journal p. 3 or HERE
  3. Have participants talk about what they like in the banners and why. 

Optional Additions:  Allow participants to search for and select banners they relate to and discuss OR have them use columns on Journal p. 4 to write out what they relate to under YOU and and what they are impressed by or curious about under NEW, then discuss. 

1-C DREAMLINE DREAMS (10 min.) Slides 4

  1. Show video on Slide 4: DREAMLINE DREAMS
  2. Talk about sleeping vs. Dreamline Dreams.
  3. Have participants give examples. 

Advanced Options: Video is geared for younger learners, so for older ones, you may simply watch the video yourself and explain the difference to students, focusing on aspiration dreams. You may also engage them in a discussion of goals vs. dreams and what they think the difference is.