WORKSHOP or CLASS ACTIVITY: 90-135 minutes



third 30-45 minutes

Presentation Tip: View this page on your phone while you use your computer to project Presentation Slides. 

3-A DREAM BANNER CREATION (30-40 min.) Slide 9

  1. Hand out 8.5×11 in. or 9×12 in. / 23×31 cm. fabric (or paper if fabric unavailable. One per person.
  2. Make markers or other art materials available to group. 
  3. Have participants take out writing and drawing from previous session. 
  4. Use Slide 9 to explain how banners are laid out. Make sure they are vertical. Option to use Handouts p. 13 to show layout. 
  5. Have participants write their names on the BACK of the banners, not the front. 
  6. Allow all remaining time for Dreamline Banner creation. 


 In this sequence adding Hashtags and Values is optional. 

Participants who finish early can complete “Bringing My Dream to Life” on Handout p. 14. Others can do this as a follow-up activity if you choose. 



This is to be done by the Dreamline Facilitator after participants have completed the creation of their Dream Banners. If you will do the Dream Shout Extension Activity Session with your participants, complete it before that session. 

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  1. Gather all of the completed Dream Banners. 
  2. Have a length of ribbon or twine equal to 1 foot or 30 cm per Dream Banner plus 2 feet or 60 cm additional.  
  3. Follow directions and suggestions on Making Dreamlines web page for assembly. 
  4. Be sure to include a signage Banner (pdf link in Making Dreamlines page) 
  5. Display your Dream Banners where participants and community members can view them. 
  6. Take a close up VERTICAL photo of each Dream Banner. If the display space does not allow this (for example too high up), take the photos before you display the Dreamline.


Uploading shares everyone’s work with the Dreamline community around the world as well as your families and school community. 

Uploading is secure and can only be done by the registered Dreamline Facilitator with a Dreamline Gallery login and password. Your registration for Hope Rising Facilitator Resource subscription included this Dreamline Gallery account. 

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  1. Have the photos you took of Dream Banners available. 
  2. Use the directions on Uploading to the Dreamline Gallery to explore options and select the ones best for you. 
  3. After uploads are complete, families and friends can view the work using Gallery search filters to locate your group.