WORKSHOP or CLASS ACTIVITY: 90-135 minutes



second 30-45 minutes

Presentation Tip: View this page on your phone while you use your computer to project Presentation Slides. 

2-A PROBLEM & POEM (10 min.) Slide 5

  1. Read “Dream Keeper Poem” on Slide 5
  2. Talk about the poem and what “too-rough fingers of the world” are. 
  3. Pass out copies of p. 7 from Handouts.
  4. Have 2-minute silence (approximate) for participants to write down problems they care about. If there’s time, have them brainstorm solutions.
  5. Invite them to share then invite them to add more to their list.  Allow 30 seconds of silent writing for this.
  6. Have them circle one problem they care about most right now. 

2-B DREAMLINE VISIONS (10-25 min.) Slide 6

  1. Pass out blank paper or copies of Handouts p. 9
  2. Have participants put down all things (pencils, etc.) sit with feel on floor.
  3. Play visualization recording on Slide 7 while participants sit with closed eyes.
  4. Have participants draw or write silently on Handouts p. 9 or on blank paper.
  5. Invite them to share. 

2-C DREAMLINE BANNER INTRO (10 min.) Slide 7

  1. Explain that next each of them will create their own unique Dream Banner. 
  2. Show Slide 8 to demonstrate different Dream Banner approaches to the same topic. Click on each slide image to view and read in the online gallery. 
  3. Emphasize the importance of individual voice, expressing your dream the way you can uniquely express it.