WORKSHOP or CLASS ACTIVITY: 90-135 minutes




Presentation Tip: View this page on your phone while you use your computer to project Presentation Slides. 


During this session each member of the community is celebrated and affirmed as they share their dream out loud, reading the text of their Dream Banner.


The purpose of the Dream Shout is to build community by creating a safe space for students to share something important to them – their Dream Banner Dream. You can also invite community beyond your class or group. 


  1. Display your group Dreamline in ths space where you will have the Dream Shout.
  2. If Dream Banners are uploaded to the Dreamline Gallery, set up projection to display banner images.
  3. Have a copy of the words on each participants’ Dream Banner for them to read. 

E-2 DREAM SHOUT INTRO (5 min.) Slide 9

  1. Show Slide 9, and use link to view the interactive Google Map. 
  2.  Remind the group that there are Dreamline participants all around the world and that by sharing our Dream Banners we become part of that global community. 

1-C DREAM SHOUT (25-40 min.) Slides 10-11

  1. Prepare participants by showing and discussing Slides 10 & 11.  Focus on Speaker Skills and on Listener Skills. 
  2. If you have the projected Banners from the Dreamline Gallery, bring them up on the screen. 
  3. Make sure each participant has a copy of their Dream Banner words
  4. Call on each participant to read the words of their Dream Banner to the group. 
  5. If time allows, invite them to reflect on why they chose the dream and invite the audience to reflect on what resonated for them. You may wish to use the New You sheet if you want participants to write about what they hear. 
  6. Option: Invite participants to discuss or write about what they learned about themselves and what they learned about other group members through this experience. 
  7. Option: Have all participants complete the p. 14 Handout from Third Session and discuss actions they will take to move in the direction of their dream.