Dreamline Banners & United Nations SDGs

through UN SDG hashtags

Dreamline uses a system of UN SDG hashtags to collect and connect dreams for change from around the world. Learn more about the United Nations Sustainability Goals and Dreamline’s simplified UN SDG hashtag system below. 

Overview of why UN has SDGs and why they matter.
Explanation of what sustainable development is and the purpose of the UN SDG initiative. 

Participants can use these hashtags on their Banners. Leaders can enter them as text when uploading Dreamline Banners to make them searchable and connected.

sdg01 MONEY #sdg01 No Poverty, No Homeless, Everyone has enough $
sdg02 FOOD  #sdg02 No Hunger, Everyone has enough food.
sdg03 HEALTH #sdg03 Everyone is healthy, Cures for sickness, Enough medicine.

sdg04 EDUCATION #sdg04 Education for everyone, Learning, Purpose.

sdg05 GENDER  #sdg05 Same chances and choices for she, he, and they. Gender fairness.

sdg06 WATER #sdg06 Clean drinking and washing water for everyone. 

sdg07 ENERGY #sdg07 Energy that doesn’t pollute. Wind and solar energy.

sdg08 JOBS #sdg08 Jobs for everyone, Jobs that are meaningful. Jobs that pay fairly.

 sdg09 INVENTING #sdg09 Cool new ways to do things and organize things that help everyone
sdg10 EQUALITY #sdg10 Same chances and choices for ALL groups. Equity and fairness.

sdg11COMMUNITIES #sdg11  Communities that support people–families, schools, friend groups, towns and cities… 

sdg12 TRASH #sdg12 Recycling and using things without wasting them, Reducing trash, less pollution.

sdg13 CLIMATE #sdg13 Stopping Climate Change, Global Warming, and disasters that go with them.
sdg14 OCEAN LIFE #sdg14 Making oceans, rivers, and lakes clean for animals and life. Caring for animals that live in water like wales.
sdg15 LAND LIFE #sdg15 Making land everywhere healthy for animals and growing things. Caring for land animals like polar bears.
sdg16  PEACE & JUSTICE #sdg16
Creating peace and justice everywhere. Ending violence and the fear of violence. Collaborating and having empathy.

sdg17 GROUPS #sdg17 Helping groups work together to make a better world.