Uploading to the Dreamline Gallery

The Dreamline Gallery hosts thousands of individual student-created Dream Banners from around the world. It is the Dreamline that spans the planet.


 All Dreamline Facilitators with a current subscription to Facilitator Resources have the following options:


This allows students and their families to stay connected to their dreams, and it shares them with the world at the same time. Each uploaded Dream Banner is automatically tagged with the name of the school, Dreamline Facilitator, age range of the students, and a link to a Google Map showing the school’s location. * 

This allows viewers around the world to hear the actual voices of students speaking their dreams. It provides an “audio signature” for each Dream Banner. A play button appears below the Banner in the Gallery detail view. 

Typed text accompanying individual Dream Banners makes the content searchable with the Gallery Search Filters, helping others to find dreams aligned with their own. Most text is hashtags chose by the student or transcription of the words on the Dream Banner. 


ALL Users

This method of uploading is available to all Registered Dreamline Facilitators. The process requires access to Google Drive. **

  1. Email programs@dreamline.org telling us you would like to upload your Dream Banners. This will start the process. 

Upload Dream Banners

  1. Have a vertical photo of each individual student Dreamline Banner. Jpg file preferred. 
  2. Upload the Dream Banner images to the Google Drive link you receive from us.
  3. Approve the uploaded Dream Banners in an email you receive from us. 

Adding Voice Recordings

  1. Make a voice recording of each individual student reading the words on their Dreamline Banner.  Must be in a wav format (file type).
  2. Change the fine name of each recording file to match the file name of the Dreamline Banner Image it goes with. 
  3. Upload recording files to the Google Drive link you receive from us.
  4. Email programs@dreamline.org to notify us that you have done this and to tell us the language of the recordings. 
  5. Dreamline will integrate the voice recording into the Gallery display of the Dream Banner.

Adding Text

  1.  Type a Google Doc or Word Doc in the following format: 
    Dream Banner photo file name: text to be included with Dream Banner
  2. Send email with attached document to programs@dreamline.org. Be sure to identify yourself and your organization. 
  3. Dreamline will integrate the text into the Gallery display of the Dream Banner. 

**Facilitators who live in countries where Google Services are restricted or prohibited can contact programs@dreamline.org for accommodation. 

Android Mobile Users

This method of uploading is available to users with an Android mobile device and simplifies some aspects of the uploading process and options. 

  1. Download and install Dreamline World mobile app from Google Play
  2. Use your Dreamline Gallery login and password to log in under MORE. Check box for “Stay Logged In.” 

Upload Dream Banners (4:30)

Adding Voice Recordings (7:45)

* No information  identifying individual students is permitted on the Dreamline Gallery including names on Dream Banners. Dreamline reserves the right to remove any Banners that do not comply with this policy.