Dream Path SEL Focus Group on Zoom

to learn more about how Dream Path SEL can be of value to educators

BEFORE the focus group session we will give you:

A copy of the 20-page student activity book:

ACTIVITIES for each Dream Path segment

A copy of the 50-page teacher guide:

SCRIPTED guide to each activity

Online access to all digital materials for 6 weeks:

PROJECTABLE presentation for each activity


We will:

LEAD you through a mini lesson where you are the student using your Dream Path Journal

PRESENT an overview or our program resources and elements

LISTEN to your input and responses to both specific and general queries about what you’ve seen and experienced. 


We will say THANK YOU by:

EXTENDING your online Dream Path SEL resource subscription for 6 months.

SENDING you a check for $25 to say thank you. 

We can accept the first 10 applicants and need your postal address ASAP to mail you the books before the session.