SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 2023


12:00-2:00 PM
Live Music Starts on Stage
Dream Booth & 150-foot Dream Wall Installations Open
Activity Tables Open
Info Tables Open
Pier Food Vendors Open

2:00-3:15 PM
Stage Program and Livestream Begins
Introduction by Dreamline Founder Jeffrey Harlan
Special Guest Speaker Ryan Harris
Presentations by Area Schools with musical accompanyment
Presentations by Remote Schools via Zoom
Dreamline Song
Dream Share Presentations Invited

3:15-4:00 PM
Continuation of Live Music, Activities, Installation, and Info Tables



..WILL FILL the  space of Cherry Street Pier with Dream Booths – 7-foot high free standing structures, each with a giant inflatable globe in the center and surrounded by Dream Banners. And there will be a 200-foot Dream Wall as well! You’ll see original student work from places like Shawmont Elementary in the Roxborough section of Philly alongside works from Madagascar, Haiti, and beyond!


..ARE LINED UP to surround us with energetic sound. The Dream Stage will first host Meet The Bug (aka Cariahbel Azemar) with her enchanting blend of vocal dexterity and ukulele fun! Then Tom Krumm will take the stage with his virtuosic jazz violin standards and originals backed by his own looping guitar riffs along with fellow Berklee College of Music grad and master Afro-Caribbean percussionist Nate Harlan.  And when the students take the stage to read out their dreams, Temple Music scholar  Nick Demkowicz will weave a magical spell with his vibraphone improvisations responding to student words and images, tying them together in a collage of hope and vision.

Hands-On Activities: ACTIVITY TIME

…IS SET with a variety of hands-on activities that all can enjoy free and with materials provided. From PLANT THE FUTURE seedling planting activity (provided by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society) to the WEAR YOUR DREAM button making table to the JOIN THE DREAMERS short-form Dream Banner Making table to the PRINT YOUR VISION fabric printing workshop (and others in the works), busy hands will make dreams live long after the day. 


… WILL HAPPEN ON STAGE  at 2:00 pm (US Eastern) when our Livestream starts and special guest speaker Ryan Harris takes the mic to tell his story of how dreams and drive make change, as he has demonstrated so powerfully in the North Philadelphia neighborhood where he grew up. Then Dreamline students will line up to read their Dream Banners out loud, underscored by Nick’s live improvisations on vibraphones. Above the stage on the Pier’s video wall, students from remote locations will join in, adding their dreams to the flow of hope. The inspiration will keep growing as we round up with the Dreamline Song. (AND… we don’t know yet.. but there may be a big reveal as well.)