curriculum program

Dream Path SEL helps you find a dream you believe in, because that changes everything.

Up to 10 hours of relevant, media-rich, activity-focused, SEL-aligned programming for a wide variety of schedule settings and age groups. 





Participants develop an understanding of their own values, the problems they see in the world, and their visions of an inspiring future.

Each participant creates a Dream Banner expressing their dreams to share with the world, connected to others locally in a Dreamline display and globally on the Dreamline Gallery.

Lessons include 
videos, discussions, games, 
kinesthetic activities, reflections, creative expression, 
measurement of change in empathy, belonging, agency, and prosocial outlook.


Lesson Guide

  • Fully scripted plans with step-by step directions
  • Social Emotional Learning alignments for each activity–584 alignments total.
  • Versions for both in-person and remote
  • Available as pdf download or paperbound
  • QR codes and links to access additional resources

Lesson Presentations

  • Lesson by lesson presentations with directions and prompts for students
  • 20 videos from our Youth Mentors about their own dreams and modeling activities
  • Informational videos and interviews
  • Links to Dreamline Gallery and samples of student work from around the world
  • Graphics and prompts directing students to  Journal pages and activities

Student Dream Path Journal

  • Activity pages for each lesson
  • QR codes and links for online activities
  • Available in pdf form both as writable and for printing
  • Available in paperbound form

Banner Gallery

  • Direct access to thousands of dreams from around the world
  • Searchable by topic, country, city, organization, and age range
  • Auto creates Google Map of each banner’s location
  • Can include voice recordings of individual students reading Banners
  • Can include hashtags and other searchable text
  • Uploading restricted to Dream Path SEL subscribers

Lesson Consoles

  • Lesson Overview
  • Teacher training video for each lesson with preparation tips and modeling of key lesson content
  • Lesson Presentation for in-person & virtual 
  • Lesson Guide section for in-person and virtual

Scheduling Flexibility

  • Standard Sequence: Twenty 30-minute session and Ten 60-minute session sequences are provided in the Lesson Guide–ideal for classroom subjects or after-school programming. 
  • Mini Lessons: Forty 15-minute mini session simplified sequence provided in additional guide document–ideal for Advisory, Homeroom, or for inclusion with other subject content. 
  • Short Form: Five 40-minute session simplified sequence provided in additional guide document–ideal for classroom subjects with time constraints and for summer programs.


Dream Path SEL is a sure path to the type of learning that fosters belonging, voice, equity, and inclusion for students and adults alike. It is an innovative and engaging program that is essential to creating the beloved global community we are in dire need of now.
Charesse Ford, Ph. D.
Education DEI Consultant and Trainer, Philadelphia, PA
Dreamline’s meticulously researched, planned and resourced, CASEL aligned curriculum and engaging lesson plans make both social and emotional learning and meaningful service and action within reach for any teacher or coach.
Dean Harris
Dean of Learning, DC International Public Charter School
Dreamline is taking an innovative approach to increasing the reach and impact of SEL programs. They are now embedding direct measurement to assess student outcomes – which will allow them to establish impact at scale.
Dr. Meg Small
Director of Health and Human Development Design for Impact Lab, Penn State University

Each annual subscription provides unlimited access to all Dream Path SEL digital materials for one Teacher/Leader.
Print copies of Lesson Guide and Student Dreamline available at additional cost.