4 Units – 10 Lessons – 10 to 20 Sessions – 584 Social-Emotional Learning Integrations

Dreamline's new Dream Path SEL curriculum meets the unique needs of our time by enhancing belonging, empathy, agency, and voice – all while building critical Social-Emotional Learning skills and fostering community.

Dream Path SEL is a sure path to the type of learning that fosters belonging, voice, equity, and inclusion for students and adults alike. It is an innovative and engaging program that is essential to creating the beloved global community we are in dire need of now.
Charesse Ford, Ph. D.
Education DEI Consultant and Trainer, Philadelphia, PA
Dreamline’s meticulously researched, planned and resourced, CASEL aligned curriculum and engaging lesson plans make both social and emotional learning and meaningful service and action within reach for any teacher or coach.
Dean Harris
Dean of Learning, DC International Public Charter School
Dreamline is taking an innovative approach to increasing the reach and impact of SEL programs. They are now embedding direct measurement to assess student outcomes – which will allow them to establish impact at scale.
Dr. Meg Small
Director of Health and Human Development Design for Impact Lab, Penn State University

Dream Path SEL in a Nutshell

Dream Path SEL helps students develop Social-Emotional Learning skills and follow their dreams for a better world.

By the end of the program, each student publicly shares their dream with a Dream Banner they create.

The process leading to this declaration and sharing creates change both for the individual and the group.

The program is designed for integration in classes such as ELA, Art, or Social Studies as well as in programs for Advisory/ Homeroom, Counseling, After School, and Camps.

Vocabulary and activities are created for ages 8 to 14 and are easily adaptable for older or younger students.


For Students

  • Clear engaging digital presentations for every lesson including more than 20 videos of Dreamline Youth Mentors guiding and modeling the activities. 
  • Direct access to thousands of student dreams through Dreamline’s website and free Dreamline World mobile app.
  • Student Dream Journal with step-by-step activity guidance – digital or print forms.

For Teachers

  • 50-page fully scripted Lesson Guide with overviews, step-by-step directions, and additional QR code accessible resources.
  • Brief teacher training videos for each lesson, highlighting important preparation and demonstrating best practices. 
  • SEL skill alignment codes for each section of each lesson based on CASEL 21 Framework. 

For Administrators

  • Before and after assessments and report of group change in empathy, belonging, agency, and prosocial behavior. 
  • Public display and engagement with student aspirations including online access through Dreamline site and mobil app.
  • Site or individual teacher subscription rates allowing any number of student participants for each teacher. 

Each annual subscription provides unlimited access to all Dream Path SEL digital materials for one Teacher/Leader.
Print copies of Lesson Guide and Student Dreamline available at additional cost.